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foxhunting photos shot from the saddle by Gretchen Pelham
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Unique foxhunting photos shot from the saddle by Gretchen Pelham

 I am an former Joint Master of the Tennessee Valley Hunt in East Tennessee. I have hunting photos (foxhunting packs, beagle and basset packs, and hunting falcons/hawks) from AZ, CA, GA, IA, KS, KY, MT, NC, NM, NV, SC, TN and VA ranging from 2006 to current. I carry my camera, an "old" Canon 20D with a 300m zoom lens, down the front of my coat on every hunt I go on, even if I am jumping in First Flight. Flying mud and whacking branches are a risk when I don't have time to move the camera before we gallop off!     Check back often to see photos from foxhunts posted. All photos posted are a low resolution copy of the originals, so don't worry if they look pixelated.  Many of the photos of specific days will be out of focus (hazard of shooting while riding at the same time), so I will review each photo purchased to be sure that it is of a good quality.  I have an Etsy account where I sell small, blank note cards with my images - look for the Pelham Ponies Store.  I can print small, blank note cards in a set of 10 of any image you want.  I also have several card sets of different photos from the Potpourri folders below.  I you wish to purchase a photo, click on the image in the slide show and you will be directed to the order page.  Pay Pal is the only form of payment accepted. Copyright Notice:  Thanks for visiting Pelham Ponies.  Please do not use or borrow images from this site without written permission from me. -  Gretchen

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Grand Canyon Hunt
We hunted with Grand Canyon on their closing SP Junction or Beer Can fixture. Accounted for 3 coyotes that day. What a day!

0 Potpourri
Here is a collection of photos I have taken across the USA since 2006. States: AZ, CA, GA, IA, KY, MT, NC, NV, SC, TN and VA. Most of the images I use for the note cards come from this collection.

1 Red Rock Hounds
We put a coyote to ground outside of the Red Rock Kennels in Nevada. Steep!!

1 Santa Ynez Valley
We hunted with Santa Ynez Valley for a great day. What a beautiful country!

Belle Meade
Belle Meade Joint Meet with Tennessee Valley

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Gretchen Pelham : (865) 388-8574 : Knoxville, TN : Email Me